If you don’t recognize the name Civil Wray, that’s perhaps understandable – for now, anyway.  Andrea de Boer might be better known to you as blueVenus, the previous moniker under which she worked as a musician.  Now, with a new name and a new musical direction, she’s embarking on a different adventure altogether. 

Her new album, a self-titled project of seven songs, features Andrea’s fabulous voice in an intoxicating mix of soul, blues, rock, Latin rhythms, and even a bit of jazz.  Produced by Chris Stringer, the album allows her to reflect on meaning – the meaning of others walking along the same path of life, the meaning of experiences along the way, and the resulting learnings from that stew of understanding. 

My only complaint about this album is that it ends after seven songs… terrific singing, first-rate playing (from musicians such as Champagne James Robertson, Robbie Grunwald, and Joshua Van Tassel, not to mention Andrea herself), and great songs all combine for a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.  Chances are excellent that you won’t want it to end once you’ve heard it either… 

Andrea was kind enough to take the time to talk to us about her new album. READ MORE


Singer Civil Wray joins Bill Welychka on the TMS couch to chat about her new album and career

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