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“Civil Wray delivers this offering with an indie rock vibe, a twinge of country, and an infusion of Latin pop and soul that elevates her trademark smoky vocals.”  -- NOW magazine


"Civil Wray...continues to explore new sounds that highlight her memorable vocals, her unique violin style and keep her audience captivated while always putting the song first." - BLOG TO 


"De Boer (Civil Wray) creates a distinctive indie rock vibe with a touch of soul and country that intensifies her trademark smoky vocals." - FYI MUSIC NEWS


"Her new album, a self-titled project of seven songs, features Andrea’s fabulous voice in an intoxicating mix of soul, blues, rock, Latin rhythms, and even a bit of jazz...My only complaint about this album is that it ends after seven songs… terrific singing, first-rate playing (from musicians such as Champagne James Robertson, Robbie Grunwald, and Joshua Van Tassel, not to mention Andrea herself), and great songs all combine for a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.  Chances are excellent that you won’t want it to end once you’ve heard it either…" -GREAT DARK WONDER


It became crystal clear from the moment she stepped towards the spotlight with her self-titled debut record in the summer of 2017 that Andrea de Boer was onto something significantly special with her music. Featuring a seven-song lineup that continues to speak volumes about the depth of her unique hybrid style of songwriting to this very day, Civil Wray’s first official record reached the heights of #4 on the Earshot national Folk/Roots/Blues chart, and achieved remarkable results for a debut album on their national chart, soaring into the top forty to reach #36. With a stunningly diverse sound of her own, that was backed up by an incredible band of renowned talents that included Champagne James Robertson (Guitar), Devon Henderson (Bass), Robbie Grunwald (Keys), and Joshua Van Tassel (Drums) in addition to the legendary production of Chris Stringer (Timber Timbre/Jill Barber) – Civil Wray immediately made a powerfully artistic impact on the music scene. From the insightful poetic nature of her lyricism, to the gripping diversity of her sound, Civil Wray’s eclectic vocals and vibes were instantly in demand, sending her directly on tour that year, with highlights like her showcase at the Halifax Urban Folk Festival & her first sold out show at Toronto’s Monarch Tavern. With her songs reaching an even more widespread audience online through the internet, this Canadian artist set her sights on going global and establishing her name permanently within the fabric of the international scene through groundbreaking new music. 
Releasing the lead-single “Sparkle” in January 2023 from her upcoming five-song EP, Civil Wray teamed up with the phenomenal talents of homegrown producer Matt DeMatteo, known for his work with a wide range of Canadian acts like Big Wreck, Ashley MacIsaac, and Danko Jones. Designing an ethereal DreamPop sound of her own that echoes the atmospheric dimensions found in music like Fiona Apple, Florence + The Machine, and David Bowie fused into one unforgettable experience – “Sparkle” confirms that Civil Wray’s ambitious & adventurous style is destined to captivate and enchant everyone listening. Through evocative vibes & intense themes that explore the weight of existential loss and the beauty of the redemptive power of love, Civil Wray’s “Sparkle” is an awe-inspiring display of the craft within her songwriting and an extraordinary highlight in her career that reveals the undeniable evolution of her art.   
Beyond excited to share her latest music with each & every one of you, join Andrea as she makes 2023 the most pivotal year of her career as Civil Wray so far, with music that no playlist should be without and a sound that is truly second to none.

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#1 CHSR  TOP 30 Chart (earshot) 
#1 CFRC Folks/Roots/Blues Chart (earshot) 
#2 CJAM  Folks/Roots/Blues Chart (eartshot) 
#7   CJSF TOP 30 Chart (earshot) 
#17 CJRU TOP 30 Chart (earshot) 
#22 CJAM TOP 30 Chart (earshot) 
#24 CFRU TOP 30 Chart (earshot) 

#4 NATIONAL TOP 10 Folk/Roots/Blues Chart (earshot) 
#36 NATIONAL TOP 50 Chart (earshot)

INDIEWEEK Semi-Finalist 2017

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